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Our History

A lifestyle where honest labor, rural values and living off the land are a way of life....

Originally built in 1789 by family ancestor Jonathon Eaton, Edgewood Farm was a traditional farmstead with livestock, dairy, and vegetable gardens serving the needs of the Eaton family and the surrounding community for generations.

Over the years, the farmhouse was expanded to provide accommodation for tourists seeking to relax on the Maine coast during summer and autumn months.Unlike others along the Maine coast, Edgewood Farm never aspired to become a fancy inn. Instead, they offered clean, comfortable lodging to those with a love and respect for nature, while the owners continued to work the farm and preserve the integrity of the land.

This tradition continues today where Edgewood Farm exemplifies a lifestyle where honest labor, rural values, and living off the land are a way of life.The Farm has been recognized as a "National Bicentennial Farm" based on the fact that the land had continuously been farmed for the past two hundred years while in the ownership of the same family for the entire time.We think you'll find this heritage and romance is palpable to everyone who attends an event here at Edgewood Farm.

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